Workplace Mentality and Motivation

Companies today face rife competition and economic risks. Hence, employers are equipping employees with the right mentality to drive business growth. However, there are challenges to promoting a growth mindset in a company. 

According to our online survey, 50% of respondents in Singapore said resistance to change is the biggest challenge. Other challenges faced in the city-state are lack of innovation (36%) and lack of understanding (14%). 

In contrast, 67% of respondents from Malaysia cited resistance to change as the main reason hindering employees from having a growth mindset, and another 33% stated lack of innovation as the hindrance.  

Employees with a growth mindset strive to achieve long-term goals. They are always trying new things and embracing challenges. Besides, they often build new skills. 

Employers can help employees adopt a growth mindset by encouraging them to acknowledge that effort is the pathway toward mastery, cultivating a sense of purpose, and persisting in the face of setbacks. 

Keeping Employees Motivated 

Other than ensuring that employees have a positive mentality, it is also crucial for employers to know what motivates their workforce. 

TG Group’s online poll indicates that, in Singapore, 56% of respondents are motivated by a sense of achievement, and 28% are driven by a sense of belonging. 

In Malaysia, 44% of respondents are inspired by a sense of achievement, and 33% are motivated by a sense of belonging. 

Based on the feedback, companies should help employees achieve personal development and implement inclusive policies. Employers must also ensure that employees have a comfortable environment at work. 

In addition, companies can boost employee morale through improving corporate and team culture, encouraging teamwork, and expressing gratitude to employees.


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