The Role of a Recruitment Team

A recruitment team is tasked with hiring new employees for a company. They are either found in a business organisation or a recruitment agency. 

Recruiters have a variety of tasks related to enabling clients or their company to hire the best talents in the job market. Let’s take a quick look into The Role of a Recruitment Team in a business entity: 

Identifying Staffing Needs 

A recruitment team works with hiring managers to determine the company’s staffing needs – job requirements and the number of talents to hire. It is also necessary to iron out the recruiting timeline based on urgency. 

Sourcing and Screening Talents

After confirming the job description, recruiters start sourcing talents from various channels, such as LinkedIn and online networking groups. Then, they will screen resumes from applicants to select matching and qualified candidates. 

Conducting Interviews

Recruiters may need to conduct interviews with candidates as part of the screening process. The purpose is to ensure a candidate meets the requirements for the vacancy and briefs the candidate about the company to prepare them for the actual job interview. 

Such interviews are done online or on the phone rather than in person. 

Conducting Background Checks

Recruiters will conduct background checks after the hiring manager select a candidate and prepares to make a job offer. Usually, this process in done in-house, but in some cases, it is managed by a third party. 

Managing Staffing Information

A significant amount of data is generated in each recruitment campaign, which could be used to build a talent pool. Large companies often handle multiple recruitment processes simultaneously, so it is crucial to be organised. 

Many types of software help recruiters organise staffing information. However, they generally have to enter the data and maintain its accuracy. This practice avoids potential issues with giving the wrong information to a candidate or mixing up candidates’ resumes.

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