The New Normal of Work Arrangement

The hybrid work model is popular among employees, and many employers continued to practise the arrangement post-pandemic. HR leaders also expect the hybrid model to remain the leading choice of work arrangement in the long term. 

The hybrid model and remote work arrangement improve workplace flexibility. In one of TG Group’s online polls, 72% of respondents in Singapore, 60% in Malaysia and almost 100% in Hong Kong see them as the main factors for flexibility.  

Although the hybrid model is not practical for industries like retail and manufacturing, the arrangement does help to increase employee job satisfaction. 

Besides, hybrid and remote work is the top preference for most employees. The new normal of work is the choice of 92% of respondents in Singapore and 95% in Malaysia. 

Practising a flexible work arrangement brings benefits such as less commute stress and happier work life. It could also help companies save costs as they would only need a smaller office space. 

Additionally, hybrid or remote work reduces the environmental impact as employees travel less on workdays.   

Experimenting The Four-Day Work Week 

On the other hand, the four-day work week could be a future HR trend.  

Globally, more and more companies are toying with new approaches to the workweek. From small to big corporations, some organisations in Singapore have also begun to experiment with a shorter work week. 

We polled our followers for their thoughts on the four-day work week and a shorter workday. Results showed that 77% of respondents in Singapore, 62% in Malaysia and 75% in Hong Kong prefer a shorter work week. 

Seventy UK companies have implemented a four-day working week with no reduction in pay as a pilot project. If the six-month trial ends with positive results, more businesses globally will explore this work arrangement.

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