Skills That Can Get You a Dream Job

It is harder to get your dream job now compared to a year ago when companies’ need for talent was high. High-profile corporates and tech firms have been retrenching staff by the thousands, and some others have frozen hiring to tighten control costs. 

You need qualities beyond technical skills to stand out in the job market, as there are more qualified candidates now. Here are 5 Skills That Can Get You a Dream Job: 

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving 

Critical thinking requires strong analytical skills that help in evaluating your own decisions. Additionally, strengthening your intuition can also sharpen your problem-solving.    

Meditating, following your gut feeling, making a dream diary, and engaging in creative activities like drawing and writing poems are ways to train your intuition.  

Emotional Intelligence 

Our emotional quotient (EQ) is the most significant human element that makes us irreplaceable by artificial intelligence.  

University or college students can start to develop emotional intelligence through internship opportunities. They learn to collaborate with colleagues by actively participating in group projects, completing daily tasks, and reaching a consensus in discussions.  


Self-disciplined individuals are always motivated and walk the talk. Employers see them as more reliable employees due to this specific quality.  

Choose a goal and find the motivation for it to build up your self-discipline. Then, identify the challenges, replace bad habits, and monitor your progress. Self-discipline is an essential quality that differentiates successful people and those who are not. 


Adaptability is a skill that shows you can handle anything that comes your way. Employers look for this attribute when searching for high-performing employees.  

Train your adaptability skill by embracing change, keeping an open mind, setting aside your ego, practising mindfulness, and stepping out of your comfort zone.  


A true leader starts honing their leadership skills even as junior staff at work by taking the initiative such as leading and guiding new team members. They show empathy and gain experience in team leader positions before taking on more significant roles in the organisation.


Looking for a job or open to new opportunities? Whether you’re writing your resume or preparing for an interview, make it more effective by highlighting your soft skill combos. 

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