Promoting Human Aspects of Leadership

Today’s work environment requires adaptive, authentic, and empathetic leaders. 

According to a Gartner survey, 90% of HR leaders believe that human leadership is crucial to company success, but only 29% of employees recognise their employer as a human leader. 

Hence, we have compiled 4 Ways of Promoting the Human Aspects of Leadership:  

Focus on Improving Internal Communications 

Communication is key to establishing and nurturing relationships in an organisation. It takes hard work to build a solid relationship, but it is always worth the effort. 

A human leader must initiate and maintain transparent communication with colleagues at all levels in the company. This helps to build a healthy and productive workforce with improved employee satisfaction and engagement.  

Prioritise Collaboration and Teamwork 

Excellent teams are built based on the underlying values of trust, fairness and flexibility. Therefore, leaders must form a cohesive unit with their team members to achieve human leadership. 

Through valuing and prioritising teamwork, team members become genuinely engaged in their job, share a common goal and determined to succeed as a team. 

Invest in People 

Investing in people allows leaders to support and encourage employees’ growth and development. 

Empowering employees to improve their skills increases individual productivity and drives innovation, loyalty, satisfaction and overall team performance. However, rather than dictating their development path, leaders should give employees the freedom to explore their self-improvement interests. 

Make a Case for Change by Leveraging Trusted Sources 

Most business leaders don’t trust data and analysis provided by HR. Hence, HR should leverage trusted sources – peers and employees – to persuade the management to take a more human leadership approach.  

For example, HR can organise a dynamic group of impactful, well-respected leaders to set new leadership expectations for the company.


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