Payroll Errors? We Make It Faultless!

Payroll management is essential to your business, as sales and marketing is to you. It is one of the elements that affects your company’s financial stability.  

As an experienced HR service provider, we can help you manage payroll accurately to give you peace of mind. Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll: 


Managing payroll in-house requires handling a large amount of data that varies from employee to employee. To ensure 100% accuracy, calculating deductions and net pay that require dedicated time and care.  

By outsourcing your payroll process to us, you can spend more time on core business activities like marketing, sales, and strategy for growth.  

Minimise Compliance Risks

We have payroll specialists who are familiar with local labour regulations. They will ensure your company’s payroll follows domestic and multi-country compliance standards, including tax-filing matters and employer’s contribution to a pension or retirement fund.  

Our agency can also review and improve your organisation’s employee benefits to increase employee satisfaction. 

Cost Saving

Outsourcing your payroll to a proficient service provider like us will reduce costs. First, you do not need to hire specialists to manage payroll in-house. Furthermore, you will also save the costs of buying cloud security and assigning IT staff to monitor a payroll software. 

TG Group has our own software for accounting payroll by a dedicated professional team. Their experience and technical advantage will fulfil your payroll needs, including compliance, at an affordable cost. 

Business Growth and Connectivity

Our payroll software collects big data that can be used to review labour costs, take control and forecast for future growth and strategy.  

As your business grows, you must administer and monitor more permanent employees, contract workers, and temporary hires. The payroll reports will help you plan for the future in terms of managing people to ensure a pleasant employee experience.


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