Matters that Affect Employee Experience

Transparent and frequent communication plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of a company. Other than giving employees a sense of belonging, efficient communication enhances their employee experience. 

However, TG Group’s online poll shows only 30% of respondents say their employers keep them fully informed. In contrast, 35% say they are fairly well informed, and 30% receive limited information.

Internal communication is crucial. Hence, companies must relay news through emails or verbal communication to employees with clarity. Besides, townhalls and group discussions are also efficient avenues to keep employees informed.  

There are so many channels and expectations when it comes to effective employee communication. Companies must set their internal communication according to their environment and employee needs.  

Increase Employees’ Job Satisfaction

On another note, we also surveyed how companies increase employee job satisfaction.  

Out of all the respondents, 57% say they respect the work and life boundaries. Besides, 22% engage in employee interaction with a personal touch and 17% states being authentic as vital.  

All three ways are tied to empathy. It drives employee outcomes such as innovation, engagement, and inclusion especially in the post-pandemic time. Therefore, managers should connect, identify and understand their team members’ perspectives.

An empathetic approach helps a team leader collect employee feedback and relate to their different perspectives. With the gathered opinions, the team leader can improve the work process and environment for a better employee experience. 

A manager with a hands-on approach, respects work-life balance, and communicates well will be perceived by employees as an authentic superior. Such management style helps to increase employees’ job satisfaction.


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