Improving the Onboarding Experience

The onboarding process lays the foundation for an employee’s success. It could set them on a course to become loyal and productive or confused and disengaged. 

Some organisations have a particular SOP to follow through when onboarding a new hire. Others take a more casual approach. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement regarding onboarding. 

Here are 5 ways to improve the onboarding experience: 

Connect With Them Beforehand 

Send a simple email or message to inform new employees on how to start their first day. This will help them feel more prepared. 

Give them access to your company’s IT necessities, such as the email address for work and other necessary online tools.  

Give New Hires Adequate Time 

The more time new employees have to learn their role, the more prepared they usually feel when it is time to do it on their own. Spread the process over multiple days to give new hires sufficient time to digest information and ask questions without becoming overwhelmed.  

Accelerate Their Learning 

Supply new hires with the technical knowledge they need to do the job. Also, provide them with the cultural and political knowledge about how your organisation works so they can be productive. 

Keep A Planned Schedule 

Create a schedule for your new hires throughout the onboarding process. This might consist of training sessions, team lunches or pre-scheduled meetings to get to know key colleagues. 

A balanced schedule can give new employees a sense of structure and purpose, allowing them to exercise their new knowledge with varying degrees of supervision. 

Introduce Company Culture 

The onboarding process is often an ideal time to introduce new employees to the culture of your workplace. Discuss the values your company holds with them.  

You might also ask your new hires to identify where they see those values represented in their new surroundings or in themselves.


Do you need support to have more time to improve your organisation’s onboarding plan?     

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