Hybrid and Remote Working Is the Now, not the Future

A recent survey on our TG Singapore LinkedIn page showed a whopping 92% of respondents are more likely to apply for a job with a hybrid or remote setting.  

However, 36% of respondents in a separate poll said they were still on a full-time on-site roster and another 16% of them were still mostly based in the office. 

Employers yet to carry out the new work model transition must act now and act fast. Sticking to full-time on-site work comes with the risk of employee attrition.  

Companies across the consulting, finance, legal, technology and start-up segments are adopting the hybrid model despite the Covid-19 virus fading out and economic activities picking up. The trend suggests the new normal is here to stay as companies make the switch; they see it as an employee value proposition. 

The commitment to providing a conducive and flexible setting for employees is a growing trend among employers around the world. Other than public listed firms and multinationals, more small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are taking the same approach.   

The pandemic has changed what experienced employees look for in their careers. This trend, coupled with the perspectives of Gen Z graduates, has added to the challenge of talent recruitment and retention. 

Seeking Better Work-Life Balance 

Thirty-nine per cent of respondents in one of our online polls will leave their current company in search of work-life balance. On the contrary, 37% of them cite looking for a higher salary as the reason they will resign.  

It is crucial for hiring managers to understand the dynamic an employee needs when sourcing for talents. They must be prepared to offer flexible work arrangements to hire the best match. This new norm is a challenge but it also opens up opportunities for both companies and employees (or employees-to-be).  

Hiring is no longer limited by location and companies will have access new talent pools to find prime candidates that will best fit the posts. Companies would be able to hire talent from any location based on preference and skillset requirements.


Do you need to expand your workforce by tapping into the regional or global talent pool? 

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