How HR can help future proof your business

“COVID-19 changed the world forever.”

Forever may sound dramatic, but the phrase is no longer an exaggeration. The eminent effects of the pandemic forced businesses to accelerate into the future of work sooner than expected. As teams worldwide operated remotely from home, leaders embraced a new scope of challenges that parallel the fast track to digitalisation.

Companies are in critical need of a cerebral operation to handle corporate complications while juggling employee welfare. Thus, the future calls for HR professionals to be strategic thinkers who possess the foresight to help companies overcome the pandemic’s effects on recruitment, market trends, and employee engagement. In the long run, HR takes on the task of shaping the workforce into a resilient and agile human capital.

Moving Forward With A Hybrid Workplace Model

Corporations like Facebook, Shopify, and Microsoft have progressed to a stage where staff no longer need to clock physical hours at the office. The pandemic has normalised digitally-driven working experiences that are likely to stay even in the prospect of a post-COVID era. Studies have shown that virtual interactions are driving productivity and more innovation. Companies are either maintaining or increasing profits while their employees work from remote locations.

In hindsight, where you work is not as important as how you work. There are vast online tools available to help streamline duties and processes in a hybrid work ecosystem. Furthermore, the fickle health safety SOPs around the world have evidently prepared staff to adapt to new working environments rather quickly. Whether employees work from home (WFH) or in the office (WIO), HR leaders will need to study the company’s objectives and productivity insights to promote seamless communication and collaboration between both worlds.

Integrating HR Tech

Technology enables us to work wherever we are, whenever we want, without compromising output quality. With AI in automation, companies count on HR to consolidate complicated procedures that could potentially reduce valuable hours of micromanaging to significantly reduce burnout among leaders and employees who demand flexibility in how they work.

Hiring Without Borders

The birth of digital workspaces means companies can embrace a diverse workforce that is fair and inclusive regardless of gender, race, or nationality. HR leaders can speed up expansion plans and save costs when building an international team across borders by engaging reliable strategic partners.

Prioritising Employee Experience

As employees became deprived of physical human interaction during the pandemic, they began to introspect their career choice. Isolation fueled their motivation to reclaim their value in the job market. They are no longer afraid to share provocative thoughts within the digisphere, and subsequently shed light on mental health and work culture within their social community.

HR experts are expected to be architects of employee experience—taking on the responsibilities of building team morale and positive mindsets to boost productivity, improve job satisfaction, and nurture loyalty. Prioritise reskilling and upskilling staff to provide adequate resources that will help them facilitate and navigate through challenging times. Treat their well-being as a valuable asset and create a safe space for them to have a voice. Listen to their feedback and invest in their needs, so they will, in turn, be invested in the company’s vision.

HR As A Strategic Role

The role of HR continues to evolve as HR professionals tap into opportunities beyond the traditional administrative tasks. They have reinvented and repositioned themselves as an all-around workforce confidant.

1. Project Managers – Optimise workplace integration and assist leaders in facilitating, communicating, and executing best practices to achieve maximum efficiency.

2. Development Advisors – Recommend technological adoption of operational and organisational solutions to promote time-saving processes while elevating work performance.

3. Data Analysts – Access and predict everything from employee retention to recruitment strategies. Stay on top of business changes, new operational requirements, and offer time-sensitive ideas to help businesses run cost-efficiently.

4. Champion of People – Consultants of workers’ relationship with the company. Specialists in leadership development, training benefits, and career trajectory in the interest of both employers and workers.

Getting Future Ready With A Global EOR

Digitisation and hybrid working trends will not plateau anytime soon. With a proven track record of solving diverse HR problems and over 100 years of experience, we at TG are more than prepared to support your HR leaders.

As your Global EOR partner, we will be the driving force for internal initiatives aligned to your business identity, workforce agility, and scalability—all while you focus on your core business offerings.

1. Streamlined HR Integration – Let us handle the time-consuming HR administrative tasks such as onboarding, payroll and benefits management. You could focus on strategic aspects of human capital management while leaning into our conducive and sustainable ecosystem for your multi-location workforce.

2. Bridging Global Connection – Our team of in-country experts across 50+ global markets will source and manage top talents, and take care of labour law compliance as well as HR-related matters.

3. Cost-effective Growth – Leverage our experience and local infrastructure to mitigate risks and prioritise strategic workforce planning to save money while you expand the business in record time.

4. Workforce Enrichment – We can offer support in designing an employee experience that best fits your organisation. This includes promoting a flexible work culture, facilitating performance management, and reskilling employees for added resilience.

Do you have the right resources to face the next normal? Are you ready to stay ahead of HR trends?

How HR can help future proof your business

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