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Job Responsibilities:

  • The Manager/Assistant Manager will develop volunteer position descriptions that clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of volunteers including targeted approach to recruit volunteers that best fit the position
  • Identify and develop strategic partnership opportunities with organisations, communities, and individuals to recruit volunteers to support volunteering activities at public libraries
  • Develop and implement effective approaches to engage and retain existing volunteers including planning and implementation of region networking & appreciation sessions for volunteers to ensure open communication between volunteers and
  • Conduct training onboarding and orientation sessions to help new volunteers get settled into their roles including retraining volunteers to ensure they perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the volunteer program and make recommendations for
  • Identify potential risks with partnering with volunteers and identify mitigation



Job Requirements:

  • At least 3-5 years of relevant experience in volunteer management/engagement.
  • Resourceful; willing to experiment, work with limited resources and able to build strong networks with partners
  • Developing volunteer program goals and success measurement and management
  • Good interpersonal skills: enjoys engaging volunteers interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and age;
  • Experience in recruiting, training, supervising, and engaging volunteers.

Please send a copy of your resume to  

  • Tenure: Temporary
  • Offered Salary: $3,500
  • Location: Central