A Look At Talent Acquisition Today

A Look At Talent Acquisition Today

The success of any organisation is tied to the quality of its workforce, which is why Talent Acquisition has always been of paramount importance. Many believe that talent acquisition is a corporate buzzword which holds the same meaning as recruitment. This article will help to dispel any misconceptions between both talent acquisition and recruitment.

What Is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition refers to the strategies, tactics and processes for identifying, recruiting and retaining the human resources a company needs. According to SHRM, it includes developing, implementing and evaluating programs for sourcing, recruiting, hiring and orienting talent for the long-term success of the company.

What Is The Difference Between Talent Acquisition & Recruitment?

According to HR In Asia, recruitment refers to the act of sourcing candidates to fill roles that are currently available, where recruiters depend on efficiency. On the other hand, talent acquisition refers to an ongoing strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for a company.

Therefore, the difference between talent acquisition and recruitment is that the former is a strategic, long-term approach to nurture a talent pipeline for the company while the latter is about making sure the business has the human resources it needs to function on a day-to-day basis.

How Has Talent Acquisition Changed?

With the advent of digitalisation and impacts of the pandemic, talent acquisition has evolved significantly to adapt to the future of work. Here are the top trends we have identified that can help to shape your talent acquisition best practices:

●   Increased digitalisation and use of technology

We are witnessing the adoption of digital tools and data analysis by talent acquisition specialists to source for the right talent. For instance, human-centric AI is commonly used to assist talent identification & selection, as well as to accelerate workflows that augment human capital decisions as noted by Staffing Industry Analysts. Another trend would be the increasing usage of social media and mobile apps to facilitate social recruitment, where around 32% of the top companies in the world use social media platforms for their recruitment strategy. This allows employers to reach out to their candidates much more proficiently. Talent acquisition specialists are also making use of big data to closely monitor work performance and evaluate an employee’s potential success, according to People Matters.

●   Growth of remote working

In APAC, 91% of teams have implemented “work from home” arrangements since the outbreak, according to Gartner. Furthermore, a growing list of major companies, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have planned for a permanent shift to remote working despite cities lifting lockdowns. As a result, we have to use different recruitment strategies for hiring a traditional role versus a remote role. When conducting remote interviews, it is imperative to find out about the candidates’ sentiments towards remote working by asking them about their expectations of working remotely and prompting for suggestions to combat the challenges. With regards to remote onboarding, it is important to let newcomers feel a sense of belonging by conducting virtual team bonding and training sessions. This will effectively reduce the physical distance between employees and lead to improved work performance.

●  Expansion of global talent pool

Today, leveraging workers on an international scale has never been easier. The trend of hiring employees from around the world to achieve a global workforce is rapidly gaining traction with the advent of remote working. Physical borders between countries no longer pose as barriers to collaboration between employees in different countries, resulting in the opportunity to tap on skilled talents who do not reside in one’s home country. Hence, it is key to invest in international recruitment and build a global talent pool in today’s globalised labour landscape.

Getting Talent Acquisition Right With TG

Acquiring the right talent can be an arduous process, but we hope you can leverage on the trends above to gain a competitive edge in today’s complex HR landscape with our global access and offices. Let us help you with your talent acquisition journey today!