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Headquartered in Singapore, TG Group is a Global HR Recruitment Agency with an international reach in over 50 markets.

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We provide bespoke and innovative manpower recruitment solutions in Singapore to our diversified and high-quality customer base.

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We would like to thank TG Group for their hard work and professional support for the PEO services that we needed in Taiwan. Above all, TG Group gave us tremendous support in the recent COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai. Our organisation looks forward to working closely with TG Group to achieve high efficiency in the future!

HCP Packaging

We are really grateful for TG Group’s unwavering support during the pandemic. In such difficult circumstances, their service has not diminished the slightest. On the contrary, we are impressed by the team’s professionalism and dedication in supporting their clients.


TG Group has been committed to provide a win-win customer relationship with us. It has exhibited dedication and commitment to ensure the assigned tasks are completed in a timely and responsible manner. TG Group is able to maintain the expected level of services, and provide prompt responses and timely resolutions to meet our requirements.

Singapore Statutory Board

TG Group is engaged by us to administer the monthly payroll of the beneficiaries. TG Group has been prompt in the service delivery to process an average of 500 beneficiaries’ salaries per month and they are responsive to any query from us and/or the beneficiary. TG Group is also accommodating to any special urgent request to process the salary in advance of the pay day to assist our low income beneficiaries in tiding over urgent financial situations. We have been pleased with the prompt and excellent service provision by TG Group thus far. We strongly believe TG Group would also provide the same excellent service standard to your organisation.

Community Development Council

Being a global company, it is extremely pivotal for us to conform to the ever-changing and stringent compliance standards of an international workforce as we venture into foreign countries. Before we engaged with TG Group, we had an inefficient agent that did not have the capabilities and expertise in registering foreign work visas for their employees. With TG Group, we were able to continuously monitor the critical legal and regulatory information, to ensure that our employees were hired compliantly with the relevant work visas. TG Group’s expertise in labour regulations and knowledge of compliance trends has enabled us to forge a sense of trust as our PEO agent.

Energy Industry

We are happy to make a recommendation of TG Singapore to companies that require manpower resources for operational needs, as they are efficient and provide a high level of service. They have continuously helped us to recruit good candidates for administration and customer service executive roles over the past 7 years since 2015.

Statutory Board

Uncover the true value of your business with the best recruitment agency and workforce solutions company in Singapore

Lack of qualified talents, ineffective business processes, and holistic workforce management are some contributors to a potentially deteriorating business. This is why human capital remains among the greatest assets to improve your economic returns – a role which a recruitment agency and workforce solutions company, such as TG Group, can support you.

TG Group unlocks local know-how to deliver bespoke and innovative workforce and talent solutions. We work across multiple sections and specialisations with solutions from recruitment process outsourcing to contingent workforce management.

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Recognise human potential and bait top talent with a trusted international recruitment agency in Singapore

Hiring a professional recruitment agency is a smart move for any organisation. It is crucial to identify the best recruitment agency by understanding their solutions in depth.Recruitment agencies are a team of human resource professionals that help companies navigate their employment issues such as work protocols, manpower planning, and restructuring work arrangements while adhering to factors such as labour law regulations and compliance.This is the reason why TG Group offers bespoke, customisable proposals with a comprehensive suite of innovative human capital solutions. We are not just a job recruitment agency but also a workforce solutions provider that can help you grow internationally by managing your human capital while you work on other important business goals.

The crucial role of engaging the best manpower recruitment agency in Singapore

Our purpose is to deliver exceptional human resource solutions that matter. Our role as a recruitment agency in Singapore gives you access to contingent workforce management where you stay agile and hire on-demand. We provide solutions with support activities, while also simplifying your market expansion plans, maximising human capital function, executing customised talent acquisition and more. As a recruitment agency and workforce solutions company, we will lead your transactional operations with our human resource experts to give you space to focus on your revenue avenues.But the effectiveness of hiring a recruitment agency is about choosing the right one to work with you. So, to find the best recruitment agency in Singapore for you, identify your needs and bring your questions to us so we can customise a proposal for you.

Professional recruitment agencies offer support in moving your business forward

Many think that the same results can be achieved if you carry out such workforce solutions in-house versus outsourcing your operations to a recruitment agency in Singapore.Nonetheless, recruitment agencies do more than just source for candidates – we are specialists within our area and focus on attracting the best candidates from executive positions to much sought-after digital hires to help scale up your business.We have created end-to-end solutions while also being an international recruitment agency with a presence in over 50 markets. Our work has built our stance to be among the top recruitment agencies in Singapore, and we are ready to move your company forward. Consider us today.


As a top professional recruitment agency in Singapore, we strive to match qualified talents with organisations by providing HR support to accelerate growth in all markets.

Life Sciences

Pursue skilled pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device professionals to the life sciences industry.

Banking & Finance

Connect with qualified insurance, banking and finance talents to boost economic returns.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Find the right engineering & operational talents suited for a myriad of industries.

Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Seek the right talents that are passionate to make the world a better place for communities.

Information & Communications Technology

Expand your tech business rapidly with technology skilled talents from over 50 markets.

Professional Services

Expand your business and connect with the right professional network to meet organisational objectives.

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